Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love the way you lie Part II

I'll leave this hot new track from Rihanna titled “Love the way you lie Part II” which follows the story of the mega hit performed by Eminem “Love the way you lie”. Now told from a female perspective, Rihanna's sequel presents a totally transformed pop track with touches of rock that tells a story of dependency, masochism and love. A highly recommended material that prepares us for her new material titled LAUD coming November 15th


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Día de Muertos.

Here are a few pictures that I took this day of the "ofrendas" that are in the "islands" of the UNAM @ Mexico City to celebrate "El Día de Muertos". 


I still remember when I was 7 years old and a dandelion really impressed me. Today I took this picture and it reminded me that I always thought that the white things of the dandelion were small parachutes that came out of the flower.

I remember when everything was easier. Although I mentioned that I don't want easy, I remember when it was not all that difficult.

Also remember when I could entertain myself and be happy just playing with anything, in this case with a dandelion.Childhood certainly is amazing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Tracks

Hello world! these are my recommendations of Hot tracks that you should download!.

TRACK: The Time- Black Eyed Peas.
My first recommendation is the new single from the Black Eyed Peas. Which after a successful world tour and international number one hits, they present us the record "The time" (the dirty bit) that contains samples of a song from the 80's called Dirty Bit. In my opinion are two songs mixed together. Although is not as powerful as "I gotta feeling", this record gives us the welcome to their new album "The Beginning" and a reason to rock it out every Friday night.


TRACK: Firework - Katy Perry.
A song that usually not impacts us the first time we hear it. “Firework” is the third single from “Teenage dream” from Katy Perry. This song perhaps with a good remix will make us dance but is actually a very fun track and emotional that has grown on me so much. The lyric is very good and original accompanied by different tunes and vibes.Escuchar
Leer fonéticamente

TRACK: Raise your glass - Pink
This is another anthem for a party. To promote her first greatest hits album, Pink present us “Raise your glass” a crazy song accompanied by a funny lyric that only pretend to have fun in a club with all our friends and throw away all the bad things of life. This is surely another success for her.  Highly recommended.

TRACK: Gotta Somebody - Shayne Ward. 
Finally, this song is a cover of “Nickelback” remastered and performed by Shayne Ward giving it a new electronic vibe that makes it different and cool. It's a great song that reminds us that there must be someone out there that will make us feel happy for the rest of our life. It’s the first single from his album and maybe is not the best decision but is a good track.

Also I leave you the original version of NICKELBACK, I LOVE this song. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



There's no such thing as the perfect relationship
If you meet someone and you think they're perfect,
You better run as fast as you can in the other direction
'Cause your soulmate is the person
that pushes all your buttons,
pisses you off on a regular basis
and make you face your shit.

It's no easy to have a good relationship
But I don't want easy...

Easy doesn't make you GROW...
Easy doesn't make you THINK...

Someday I will thank God every day that
I will be with a person  that makes me think.

That makes me grow, cry and laugh.
Pushing me everyday to be a better person.
Pushing me to never regret and fight with all my sould, 
body and mind for our love.

I don't want easy...but with that person by my side
it would never be that hard.

That's my definition of true love.

Candy Field.

I was asleep in the car while traveling in the summer. I was very tired and fatigue and the heat made me fall deep sleep. Suddenly my niece began to cry and I woke up immediately. See her cry was not the first thing I did when I awake. When I awoke the first thing I saw, was that we were in the middle of nowhere and all I could see was a meadow with huge rolls of "something". The first thing I ask to my family was: who are those huge things that are lying on the grass?  My aunt told me “rolled grass” I laughed and replied, "I thought they were huge marshmallows in the grass” (I started to laugh so badly)...

But can you imagine? Imagine if the world was full of candy and giant marshmallows falling from the sky. Like in my silly thought. It’s silly but if that happened maybe in the world would be less bitter people hahaha.
Here I leave a picture of what I thought were the "Huge Marshmallows"

Photo set 02

I took this photos in different places including Prague, Cesky Krumlov and the South Bohemia.

 (click on the image to see it in it's full size)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Who has not felt problems in a relationship and how these issues end up with what could have been a masterpiece... I just wanna set you on fire So I won't have to burn alone

 (click on the image to see it in it's full size)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photo set 01

Just a couple of pics.(PRAHA)
This is the first part of some photos I've taken. These photos were taken last summer on a trip I made across Czech Republic.

 (click on the image to see it in it's full size)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Colorization 1

I made this colorization a few days ago. Hope you like it. "Add some colour to you life".

 (click on the image to see it in it's full size)


First post Ever!

First Post.

Hello World! This is my fist post ever in a blog so I’m basically new in this kind of things so here we go. My full name is Mario Alberto Alvarez León, I’m 20 years old and I live in Mexico City. Right now I’m coursing the second semester of the major of Marketing in “Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education Campus Ciudad de México”. I love my University, I have made some great decisions in my life and be in this University certainly is one of those decisions. I love been in love, be happy and put a smile on everyone’s face. One smile can change your day. Right now I’m solo but that will be changing eventually because I really love been in love and share all those special moments with your other half.

Some of my personal interests are:
-Digital Design.
-Music (Music in general, I love singing and some day I will learn to play piano).
-Work out.
-Hang out with my friends.

In this blog I will post a lot of things related with personal interests just to make them public and show my “work” hehehe. Specially of digital design, illustrations and photos taken by me. I really enjoy taking photographs about everything; I like to believe in the adage of: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. For me this is so true because this means that you can understand a complex idea with just a single image. In some other posts I’m going to share with you some personal experiences, quotes, lyrics, and some random stuff that I’m sure that will be of your interest  haha. If you have any comment or an idea just let me know.

Here I leave you a picture of me :D, don't scream! hahaha.

Have a great day!